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Student Drop-off and Pick-Up Procedures

Student safety and security is our number one priority!

Please follow the rules listed below to help us make sure that all of our students, and adults, are safe when coming to school and leaving school.

  1. Please do not park in the bus loading/unloading zone.  This zone is reserved for our buses and vans that serve our school.
  2. Please do not enter the parking lot when the “Do Not Enter” signs are in place.  This parking lot is very small and it can be difficult to see students walking through it.
  3. Please do not block the crosswalk in front of the school.  We will have a staff member there before and after school to help safely cross our students and families—please honor their requests to stop or to move to another location.  Remind your students to always use the crosswalk to cross 33rd street.  Sometimes that means going a little out of the way, but with all of the traffic, we would rather take a few more minutes and be safe.
  4. Please follow all traffic laws and remember:  Dropping off students in the middle of the street or doing U-turns in front of a school are both illegal and could bring monetary fines….not to mention that it just isn’t safe for kids or our staff who are out there on duty.