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Safe Routes to School

As you are preparing for your child to walk and bike to school or driving them, please note that we work to make school zones safe for everyone, but personal responsibility is a key factor.


  • Stop before crossing any street, intersection or railroad track.

  • Look Left, Right, Left (and Behind at an intersection) for vehicles before crossing.

  • Cross at crosswalks and intersections only; middle of the street crossing is dangerous!

  • Do not walk between vehicles or busses, if drivers cannot see you, you could get hurt!

  • Walk or bike in groups if possible – groups are seen more easily by traffic and there is safety in numbers.

  • Wear bright colors – bright colors help drivers and others to see you.

  • Do not run into the street for any reason! Vehicles can’t stop quickly – they may run into you! If a ball or toy is in the street – ask an adult to get it for you.

Student Safety

  1. Obey traffic rules

  2. Be attentive when driving in school zones

  3. Observe and follow no parking signs

  4. Stay away from bus zones, don’t park near buses where kids (or your car) can’t be seen

  5. Turn off the cell phone in school zones

  6. Encourage your student to cross the street in designated crosswalks or if possible, use a drop- off zone that doesn't require crossing the street; (You may also consider a remote drop area for your child to walk to school – this keeps you away from the traffic at the school)

  7. Be a good role model for your student and others. Encourage positive and safe behaviors.

The TSD Safe Routes to School program provides walking and bicycle education to K-8th students, encourages walking and biking to school Walk and Bike to School Day programs, and provides traffic flow and walking maps. SRTS programs improve community safety, provide opportunities for people to increase their physical activity and health, and reduce congestion and pollution around our schools.

We have many traffic flow maps available for both Elementary and Middle schools. If your school does not have and “Know Parking” traffic flow map, please contact the Thompson School District SRTS Coordinator and she can supply your school with the current maps or create one for you.